“Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” Henry Ford

I am a life long learner. I believe that reading opens new horizons and help to solve everyday problems. I enjoy learning languages; that is why, during my summer vacations, I take language classes. It enriches with a new culture, allows meeting new people and feels more comfortable in a new place. Every year I go to conferences to meet colleagues from other international schools, discuss the same issues and try to find the solutions, share, and learn together. 

2 Replies to ““Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” Henry Ford”

  1. Hello Katya! Welcome to COETAIL. I love the quote from Henry Ford. It really gives me an insight into who you are as an educator and as a learner. Looking forward to finding out more about you, your students and your unique COETAIL journey in the coming months!

  2. Hello Katya,
    Thank you for posting this quote!!!
    Loved it and it inspired me to think more about my life-learning attitude for today and for the future. I wonder is it hard for most people to keep learning or it is just a part of our nature to keep learning and it comes naturally without much effort.
    Is it easy or difficult for people to keep learning, it is natural or against our nature to want to know more new things?

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