New Generation and New Media Forms

I am a teacher, and I like what I am doing. I am teaching Russian as a foreign language for the last 15 years, and I am trying to find something new and challenging for my students. 

Recently, I fond that to increase my students’ motivation, I need to start using new media forms.  

Did you have such a weird experience when your ten years old student explained what app is better to use for this particular task? 

I feel like a “sand particle in the ocean” of new media. New media forms are developing a new generation and allow youth to socialize and learn differently.  And it is challenging to choose what goes first: learning or socializing. They learn through transfer their knowledge and skills using new media forms, and they get responses immediately.

So my questions as a teacher and an educator: 

  • How can new media literacy be presented in a class?
  • At what age should we start to introduce new media forms in school?
  • How will teachers be part of the process of integration of new media literacy in the classroom?

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  1. Hi Katya. I have also learned plenty from my students. They are a great resource to shed light on the new tech. Last year, my third-grade student, Johan, taught me how to use iMovie. Kids are smart and can be great teachers for us. We just have to keep an open mind and stay humble 🙂 Holly

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