Week 3: Connected Learning

The week 3 task was to identify my personal goal(s). After reading and watching the provided resources, I had a lot of ideas (how can I help students thinking about identity, privacy on-line, how do I support kids engagements gigging and messing around in WL, what are the strategies to reinforce the students’ IT skills in WL class, what on-line resources I can use to differentiate, reflect on their learning). 


Distant learning happening due to a new disease
Inspired by Pacman and Coronavirus
Artist: Alexandra Grom (my daughter)

As we all know, our plans do not always turn out exactly we plan them.  

Once the COVID-19 situation has happened, I have to rethink my professional goals. 

My goal will be to learn about the apps that I can implement during distance learning.  

My steps will be:

  1. Explore Google Apps (Google Classroom, Google Meet, Screencasify) that are recommended by the school and can be used for distant learning
  2. Organize meetings to share ideas with the colleagues to collect the bank of ideas on how these apps can be used for ES students
  3. Create learning engagements that can be interesting for ES students
  4. Try these learning engagements in class that ES students will be familiar with these activities
  5. Collect feedback from students about these learning engagements
  6. Discuss students’ feedbacks with the colleagues
  7. Make some changes based on feedback and discussion

2 Replies to “Week 3: Connected Learning”

  1. Dear Katya,

    I think your learning goal and plan are really thought through. The digital tools you’ve chosen are really great for remote teaching. I personally have been using “Google Classroom” for many years and can tell that this is one of the best tools. Is your school using Google tools for Education?
    One more digital tool from Google I like very much is Google Sites. It is an easy way to create a good looking website and it is tied to a google account, so it is also combined with google documents, sheets, forms, etc.

    Also, I recommend you to check out Padlet – https://padlet.com

    By the way, an alternative for screencastify I really recommend to try Loom – easy to use and free screen recorder with voiceover recording functionality – https://www.loom.com

    I wish you good luck in exploring the world of online tools!

  2. Hello Katya! Love the picture painted by your daughter. That is amazing! Good idea to create an action plan about something that is real and affecting most of the world. Please let me know if you want any help in choosing some apps to suit the learning.

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