Course 2 Week 1: Respect the Remix

Copyright and intellectual property were always a case. Back then, it was difficult to follow and check. Nowadays technology makes the process of identifying plagiarism so easy to check. 

Our goal as educators to teach our students how to value other people intellectual property and cite it correctly.

I absolutely agree with the concept of importance to respect and recognize the other people intellectual property, and I was absolutely amazed by the Copyright Flowchart. But I spend some time to figure out the system how it works. According to what I know, when you use somebody’s words you put quotation marks and do the citation. Now with the photos and pictures, we have to figure out to what category of copyright it belongs and use accordingly. 

As an elementary school teacher, I am not sure when  we should introduce this concept for our students, maybe in grade 4 and 5. I honestly, can’t see how our 6-7 years old can understand this concept.

Do you see this as an issue in your school?

I am sure our school has the policy about copyright and plagiarism. 

I asked my daughter about her experience and knowledge in this question.  Since she was a student in my school, so I decided to use her as resource to see how it looks like in our school in real life. The first time she learned about plagiarism and citation in middle school (grade 7-8).  

What did I find?

The teachers do teach and present to the students on what citation is. Some teachers have created presentation for the students to help them understand what is a citation and what is plagiarism. It is important to inform the students by showing visual examples on how citation should be presented in the piece of writing. It takes time and constant effort from teachers to push this concept. There are different programs that allow students to cite. One of them Research and Citation Resources. It will take time to figure out how to use it.

But I believe that it should be always the balance. 

What about elementary school?

As a language teacher I am using a lot of visuals. Now I start to think how our memory cards could look like. 

Do I have time to take photos for all learning engagements for 6 grades by myself? Absolutely, No. So, what are the possible solutions:

  1. To search for the pictures that are free and cite them
  2. To pay for the pictures that  I need.

My takeaway is that there are different image sharing platforms, such as Flickr and Pixabay. I learned that Flickr has a variety of Creative Commons images, but not all of them are licensed, so I should be careful. 

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