Final Project Course 5

What Happened?

For the final project, my students and I redesign the fifths grade Unit Places I Like to Visit. When I was planning this unit, I prioritized the main principles of New Pedagogy:

  • Learning partnership between a teacher and students – we discuss the format and platform of the final assessment and discuss I Can Do statements.
  • Learning engagements are based on real-life problem-solving and connected to students’ interests – all learning engagements were based on authentic resources and final assessment – to create a guide of Moscow that would be interested for kids. Choose the places that you like, find cool information that attracts kids’ attention.
  • Digital tools and resources are integrated into the learning process – we have an integrated lesson when the IT teacher took us through the Book Creator platform and answered all the questions.
  • Evaluating students’ progress together – we have the Common Rubrics for Presentational Skills. The students knew the rubrics, and before the assessment, we have discussed the expectations of each criterion.


  1. The provocation was a question – How many continents in the world? The answer is it depends on what school you attend. Students record their answers on Flipgrid and listen to each other questions and record the comments.
  2. We watched the authentic video and created Kahoot games to check each other knowledge.
  3. Discuss the questions and answers that students used in Kahoot Games, make some notes for future games.
  4. Read and watch short authentic pieces about Moscow and discuss them.
  5. IT integration lesson to discuss Book Creator.

What Impact Did it Have on Your Practice? 

I recognized the importance of students’ voices and interests.

The use of technology increases the students’ motivation and pushes their autonomy.

My role as a teacher is changing, and I am becoming a guide or facilitator of learning.

Students’ Learning

Students learned the new information about their famous places in Moscow in a target language. They were able to write a recommendation of different places in the city and give reasons why others might find them interesting. They present information digitally.

Next Step

Next step –  we will discuss how to be a responsible Internet user and the basic rules of Internet Etiquette.


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  1. Hello Katya! What a great summary of your key takeaways from COETAIL at the beginning of your video. Listening to your students I love their critical thinking in their reflections both in their verbal interview and also in the feedback that they left in the Google Form. Using Bookcreator is a great choice of tool as students are familiar with it and they can use their voice to share their thinking and understanding.

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