My Community

I was thinking about what my Community Blog should look like.

First, I decided to find a definition of the word community. 

COMMUNITY –  a body of persons of common and especially professional interests scattered through a larger society ( 

So, my small community is a group of WL teachers who teach Russian, Spanish, and French. My big community is WL teachers around the world. My interactions mostly happened in my small community.

I am a World language Coordinator, so I have the responsibility to educate my colleagues.

All exciting ideas that I learned during my COETAIL journey, I shared with my colleagues. For example, I ran a PD workshop, “Digital Safety and Student Privacy,” for my interested colleagues. I believe that it is essential to train teachers to examine online resources, protect students’ data privacy, and check the safety of online educational resources. It is essential because we (teachers and students) have started to use more and more apps and online programs. 


When I was working with Google Slides, I learned how to Create Engaging Presentations with Slides, I created one lesson, shared it with my colleagues, and now we are working collaboratively. So, how it works:

  • We meet and discuss possible learning engagements.
  • I create a Google slide and put it in the folder “Collaboration”.
  • We assign the tasks and deadlines. 
  • We go back to our classroom and develop learning engagements.

(Examples of learning engagements)

There is another duty that I have as a WL teacher in my small community. This duty is curriculum writing. We have a consultant, Greg Duncan, who runs workshops and leads our thinking. We did concept maps and started to write I can Do statements for units. I am implementing my knowledge of New Pedagogies in this work.

(Slide  from Greg Duncan’s presentation)

Despite the difficulties of this year, a lot of learning and work is happening in my community.



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  1. Thanks Katya for sharing your small community. As you grow so does your community. Thanks for sharing your learning with your PLN and continuing your growth with others.

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