My learning goals

Nowadays, technology has changed our everyday life; our students are using technology regularly, their brains got to use new information faster and in hasty. So, our role as educators to be part of this process.

During my learning in COETAIL, I would like to be a LEARNER and DESIGNER. As a Learner, I would like to “explore and apply pedagogical approaches made possible by technology” (ISTE Standards). As s Designer, I would like to focus on “designing authentic learning activities that align with content area standards and use digital tools and resources to maximize active deep learning” (ISTE Standards) and make more personal and meaningful for the students.

 I will try different platforms to support students practicing their speaking skills and share their ideas, demonstrating their skills and knowledge differently, reflecting on their development. I am interested in pursuing the COETAIL & GET certificate. I think that the other WL teachers and IT integrators would be an excellent resource for me since I am at the beginning of the process.

“Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” Henry Ford

I am a life long learner. I believe that reading opens new horizons and help to solve everyday problems. I enjoy learning languages; that is why, during my summer vacations, I take language classes. It enriches with a new culture, allows meeting new people and feels more comfortable in a new place. Every year I go to conferences to meet colleagues from other international schools, discuss the same issues and try to find the solutions, share, and learn together. 


My name is Ekaterina. I am from Russia. I am a Russian Language Teacher and World Language Coordinator at the Anglo-American School of Moscow. The link to my COETAIL blog is
. I love learning, and I am very excited to have an opportunity to collaborate with teachers and educators around the world.